Fungalor – Effective Natural Treatment for Mushrooms on Feet?

Nail fungus is very common today, especially in athletes or people who are exposed to moisture, Fungalor is a treatment to eliminate this problem which can give results with just a few days of use, this will help new nails grow strong and healthy helping to moisturize the skin.

A fifth of the world’s population is said to have suffered from fungus in both nails and toenails, and this can happen for a variety of reasons, including low defenses, inadequate shoes, etc.

Fungalor is a mild, odourless antifungal compound that helps kill germs safely, is very effective in treating fungi, bacteria and other viruses. When used daily, results can be seen within 90 days of starting treatment.

One thing that stands out about this product over others is the fact that it only has one active ingredient, this antifungal, differs from the rest because most have more active ingredients.

Cucumberazole is one of the ingredients present in Fungalor, and it inhibits fungal growth and fungal infection, helps to relieve itching sensation, destroys cells that already have fungal infection and prevents other colonies from forming.

Farnesol is another component of Fungalor, the function of this is to exclude the sweat-making gland and also prevents bacteria from becoming active, causing an unpleasant odor even in healthy people. It fulfills the functions of an antiseptic and at the same time helps to soften the skin with a pleasant floral aroma that lasts for a long period of time.

It contains other vitamin E to help skin care as well as certain essential oils that provide freshness to the feet.

The use of Fungalor is by applying two to three drops on the nails, taking care that it covers the cuticle, the tip and around the nail, as the solution penetrates into the nail’s root through the cuticle and does not need to be applied directly onto the nail.

If there is any infection between the toes, it is necessary to wait until the product has dried and completely absorbed to prevent moisture, wait until it is completely dry before putting on socks and shoes.

It is advisable to apply also on the toes that are immediately after the affected nail to prevent the infection from spreading.

As for the side effects it may have, it is mentioned that it can cause skin irritation, and pregnant or lactating women should consult their doctor first to find out if it is appropriate to use this product.

It is recommended to use Fungalor before and after any physical activity, as well as its use when sweat is produced in the feet because combined with proper hygiene measures this product can be very effective especially when used regularly.

The problem of having fungus in feet and nails is not something that should be taken lightly as a simple matter of aesthetics and hygiene, if left unattended it can trigger more serious problems such as allergic reactions, weaken the immune system or even cause chronic diseases to become more intense.

We must understand that fungi in the nails and toenails are an infestation of parasites that may not be a threat by themselves but can be the catalysts for more serious diseases that are already present in your body to develop.

Some of the symptoms that can occur when you have fungus on your feet and nails are several, for example, there may be cracks between your toes, bumps, itching and redness, sweaty feet, nails become brittle and unhealthy in appearance.

It is convenient to treat these types of conditions as soon as possible in this way is easier and faster to control, because when it is treated at an advanced stage treatment is more complicated and of course takes longer to recover, however much you believe otherwise, the fungi will not disappear by themselves and if not treated will expand more and more.

Most podiatrists offer a solution to this problem surgery, and then the patient takes about two months to recover completely, but this is not the only alternative that exists, today there is Fungalor that provides a way to solve this condition in a much more practical way, another advantage that offers over surgeries and other products is its price so affordable.

Fungalor may be up to 40 times cheaper than the methods suggested in health centers, and its effectiveness is higher than that of this method.


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