Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga Youth on Health

Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga Youth on Health

“Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it.”

Urban life-style of today’s world has left us with little option, when it comes to health-care and fitness. We grudge our not being in shape anymore, thanks to our work profile. We crave for a healthy and beautiful body; but talk about the ‘time’ to work it out, we often don’t have it! ‘Lack of time’ is an excuse that we generally come across while talking about inculcating a healthy life style.

The fast life has not only affected the physical aspect of our lives but has also snapped the mental peace and spirituality, off our lives. So the need of the hour is an energised body and a quietened mind. Any fitness technique which is not taxing, requires lesser time, fulfils your spiritual needs and connects you with something, as sublime as, the world of art, is a welcome step.

Here we are talking about a different approach to Yoga developed by a Himalayan Yogi and spiritual master Bharat Thakur called Artistic Yoga. It’s a complete package as it combines modern technology with ancient yoga. Using this technique, not only your physical stiffness will be removed but you will also have a calm mind. You talk about any dimension of personal wellness–physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual or social–artistic Yoga will provide you with it all.

The practice of this form of Yoga works at physical, mental and spiritual level simultaneously. It increases the flexibility, strength and endurance of the body and also boosts mental alertness and awareness. It has been found that this style particularly suits those people who have an artistic bent. So this the time for writers, actors, musicians and painters to come out of their confines to join this exotic practice to further hone their skills.

It welcomes all age, strength, weight, size and flexibility of people. It includes ancient yogic techniques, stretches and cardiovascular training which help develop core strength and inner awareness and peace in people. Other techniques like chanting and meditation are also included help center the mind and bring calmness to it.

This 5,000-year-old science is now going to benefit you in a few sessions. Reducing this age old science to few asanas to suit the modern requirements is what a host of Yoga gurus are doing these days. They are providing tailor-made solutions for their students’ problems related to fitness, inner peace or spiritual enlightenment. Science of Yoga is no longer the thing of Himalayan ‘yogis’ as it’s being designed for laypeople on warfooting. The yoga has gone commercial to suit the spiritual needs of material world.

Swami Ramdev brought Yoga to the doorsteps of almost every Indian household with his simplicity of techniques and the promise to cure about anything with his seven set of pranayams. There were other people also who were reworking Yoga before Ramdev but their targets were foreigners and Indian elites. Baba Ramdev spurred the revolution and now it’s taking a surge. Yoga so far has been reworked in various forms– be it Hath Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Iyenger Yoga, Isha Yoga, Divya Yoga or Artistic Yoga. Artistic yoga is a revolutionary, dynamic, powerful approach to yoga. It’s unique as it’s meant for the spirit, body and mind.

Today Artistic Yoga is hugely engaging the corporate world to boost its productivty and the creativeness of the employees and arrest attrition. This part of the world which, seems to have no time to spend on other activities else than economy, doesn’t see any harm in spending 60 minutes practicing Artistic Yoga. It has the magic of painless healing for about any kind of ailment. As Baba Ramdev equates pranayama to the Nano Technology in the Global Knowledge Millennium Sumit on Bio and Nano Technology, it’s an indication for those people who cite lack of time for practicing Yoga to wake up a little early in the morning and send those molecules of Oxygen to each and every part of your body through Pranayam to be cured of all imaginable diseases. If you are dreaming of having an ideal figure of those of Hollywood stars, go artsy!

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